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About Baylands Guitars

Baylands Guitars is a US Dealer/Distributor of Shijie Electric Guitars. Shjie Guitars are hand-made, one at a time, using old-world tools an techniques, and are an amazing value for the money! These fine instruments can compete with other guitars costing twice the price! Play what you've been missing!

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What People Say

Christopher Benegar

I ordered the Shijie TM-4 in alfalfa purple, it was delivered yesterday, and it showed up quickly and in perfect shape. I can say almost without a doubt that despite owning a USA made Gibson and fender, and a variety of other guitars, this nearly without a doubt my best instrument in perhaps every category. The workmanship is impeccable(something I can't even say for my fender strat, which is the most expensive instrument I own), it feels amazing to play, and it sounds incredible. I was so impressed with it that it's made me even consider selling a few of my other guitars, as the Shijie functionally replaces them handily. I already expected the guitar to be nice. I was almost certain it would at least be well made, and feel good in the hand, but even the pickups blew me away. This is technically the third Chinese made instrument in my collection(MiC Charvel, Eart, and now Shijie), and somehow, my 3 Chinese guitars, despite being markedly less expensive than my other instruments, outplay them by a wide margin, in my opinion, AND look nicer. So much so that it almost feels like Fender and Gibson are robbing guitarists with every purchase!

Caesar Paredes


Here is the final part of the unboxing of my Shijie STE Pro S Style Guitar. The whole experience was awesome and I got an incredible guitar in an incredible gig bag and I am extremely happy.

Ignacio Sarraff

Recently received from close friend Tom E. at Baylandsguitars the STE Classic gloss Black with Maple neck HSS. I got to say I was blown away with this guitar. The craftmanship on this guitar is outstanding, haven't seen a guitar in a while with such detail being put on the whole construction, especially the neck and fretboard which are superb. This guitar became now part of Dawn Of The Rising live and recording official tools. Looking forward to more amazing products from Shijei in the future. Thank you Baylandsguitars for your love and support, You guys rock!

Derek Clark

just purchased a gorgeous 2022 Shijie TLV Pro in Amber with a roasted neck from Tom and I could not be happier. Dealing with Tom was an absolute pleasure as he is a very responsive communicator and top-notch seller. As for the guitar, I am still feeling it out but so far, it is everything that I had been hearing about this fairly unknown brand. The craftsmanship on this guitar is unlike any that I have seen to this point. It feels like a guitar that should cost WAY more than what I paid. It feels wonderful! I love the 12" fretboard and the neck, although I don't think it is a traditional Deep C, feels great. For comparison, I went to GC and played two Custom Shop Tele's, and neither were as nice as this TLV Pro. The fretwork is impeccable, too. I suggest calling Tom and Baylands Guitars and grabbing one of these before everyone finds out about this incredible little company. I may have to grab one of their S-types next! Thank you, Tom!

Chris Hunt

Hi Tom - thanks so much for the amazing Shijie TLV-Pro. The reviews across the Internet are so universally full of praise for these instruments, I'll admit my expectations were very high. I've been playing this one for a week now, and I can easily say that the guitar more than exceeds them. I previously played an American Standard Telecaster, and can say that the TLV outplays it, looks nicer, and is finished more consistently. The neck is perfect, and the relic finish was one of the most tasteful I have ever seen. I will not hesitate to order another Shijie from you - their craftsmanship, and your stellar communication made for a wonderful buying experience. Thank you!

Kenneth Jung

When I ordered a guitar from Tom recently, I couldn't make up my mind between a TLV pro with standard tele pickups and P90s. I eventually decided on the P90s, and arranged for a local pickup. When I got home taken it out of the box, I realized that I actually had gotten a TLV pro with the standard pickups! So I contacted Tom and here is where things get really interesting for you, dear reader: Tom handled it extremely well. After we had sorted out what had happened (it was a natural mistake, the sort of thing that happens now and then to everyone), Tom offered multiple options for handling the situation, including driving out to me with the correct guitar the same day. By this time however, I had already fallen for the guitar I had in hand, and decided to just settle up with Tom for the balance minus a nice discount (which he offered without prompting). Tom demonstrated the sort of integrity I am looking for when buying from a small business, and I would not hesitate to buy from him again (some day I have to scratch that P90 itch!), and would recommend buying from him for anyone looking to score one of these great instruments. Tom will take care of you!  

P.S. The guitar itself is fantastic but you can read other reviews about it. This review is to emphasize that you can buy from Tom with confidence that he's a stand up guy.

Christopher F.

Great experience with this seller. He was very responsive to my many many questions, followed up throughout the sale and shipping process, and is overall really pleasant. I took a gamble on this guitar—a relatively new brand out of China—and I’m glad I did. Shijie is the real deal. Very well crafted great playing instrument with lots of attention to detail. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Ben Easler

I recently purchased the Shijie TM-4 in the beautiful Alfalfa Purple finish. I was drawn to the guitar for the unique wife approved finish and my desire to have a more modern S style guitar. Despite it probably being my favorite pickup configuration and the first I ever owned, I haven't owned a ton of HSS guitars even though I have been lucky enough to have owned and played a lot of great instruments. This guitar instantly took me back to checking out guitars at my favorite local store where they often encourage me to play one of the beautiful Tom Anderson Super Strat style guitars. Those guitars were always way out of my price range and these Shijies really got that kind of impression from me. They are probably 1/4 of what you will pay for an Anderson, Suhr, or Thorn but are an incredible instrument on par with the best guitars I have owned. Definitely an amazing value. The neck on the TM-4 from what I understand is thinner than the more traditional models but as someone who normally favors a chunky neck, the width to depth ratio just fits really beautifully and is comfortable in both chording and melodic work. The fit and finish is excellent and comfortable. The fretwork is top notch with great action and absolutely no issues across the entire neck. The body on this one appears to be 3 piece alder with the maple top. The most impressive part of this guitar is the electronics. The balance across all three pickups delivers great variety and just the right amount of boost on the humbucker. I often read reviews claiming the coil split on a model is "different" and works and having played a lot of guitars, I kind of assume that wouldn't actually be the case but the humbucker split is an awesome bridge sound. It might be the perfect S style bridge pickup as it matches the other pickups in volume without the annoying spike of many bridge single coils. Bringing in the second coil maintains the character with just a bit of boost and low end. The electronics are just excellent throughout and way beyond my expectations. Truly the most usable set of pickups throughout every position I have played. If you are on the fence, just try a Shijie! I cannot imagine a guitar offering a better value.

Mike Geyer

Tom, received the guitar friday. Perfect shape! Stunned at how thin it is! It must only weigh 6.5 lbs. the Guitar is beautiful! Craftsmanship what I expected from Shijie. Neck is SICK good! Played through my Fender Deluxe reverb 68 deluxe reissue, and my pedal board. To me sounds better through the custom Bassman stack rather than the vintage channel. I had a gig canceled today due to weather so i went over to my friends with Shijie Custom . He builds guitars & is trying to talk Shijie i to selling him a neck. He & I built two of my teles which i love! This custom RT is what i wanted! Something different from anyone else. I prefer the single tones to the humbucker. Played it through his Super Reverb & his bassman. OMG sounded great! I really like. Sure wont see too many of these out there! I want to thank you for your professionalism! Its been a pleasure doing business with you ! Thanks for all the info, communication & followup! Thankyou!!

Caesar Paredes

Dude I have to tell you again, Tom I love this guitar. It has to be one of the best guitars I have ever owned. Have you sold any more? I have to check out the teles, if it's anything like the STE they are incredible. It was such a great twist of fate I saw the advertisement on Instagram. You are doing the universe a favor selling these guitars here in the states. Caesar

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